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“This detailed article describes a totally different type of ‘roadside assistance‘ membership policy that you can take advantage right now! You will not be limited to 5 miles per tow, but a lot more.”


roadside assistance

Motorist don’t expect it until it has happened, and that is when they understand why roadside assistance protection is very important. The real problem with is you never know when that time comes when you need to consult with a emergency roadside service company to dispatch an automotive specialist at your location. The reason for the existence of Motor Clubs is to keep you covered 24/7 while on the road. You subscribe to the most suitable Motor Club that has your interest in mind. So, who has the best roadside assistance program in the United States & Canada? For only $19.95 a month, a user can obtain several benefits included with their emergency roadside assistance features in the package. With MCA, as long as you keep your membership active and remain a member, that will be the only expenses you pay. See what is covered in MCA as an Total Security member:

Roadside Assistance MCA Coverage:

  • Towing Service – 100 miles per tow per incident.
  • Mobile Tire Service – Have a tire specialist put on your spare.
  • Locksmith Technician Service – Have a road specialist unlock your car.
  • Battery Boost Service – This road service pays someone to juice your battery.
  • Gas Delivery Service – Ran out of gasoline without knowing? We’ll have it delivered to you.

Order your package and begin enjoying what me and 7,000,000 others are currently using whenever your car is rendered disabled. However, your benefits are activated after 24 hours has passed prior to ordering your membership. The MCA roadside assistance & discount card should arrive to the location you have directed it to go when registering within 2 weeks. Remember, although you don’t physically have your emergency roadside assistance card at this time, your identification number, as well as the number to call for emergency assistance is emailed to you immediately after registering. This means you can put your membership to use after 24 hours have passed and until your package has arrived to your home.

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